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The Friendship Saver Program is Supported by

The Bully Zero Australia Foundation 

Reduce bullying - enhance children's social skills, emotional intelligence, assertiveness and resilience.

Reduce bullying - teach children how to manage conflict with peers independently.

no worksheets - This is a 12 week experiential learning program

Reduce student conflict - empower teachers with tools to sustain a class culture of respect and personal social development.

"Our Year 3 students loved the activities within the program, especially the role plays. I would recommend The Friendship Saver Program to teachers and school psychologists as a universal program that assists students to gain skills in communication, emotional intellignece and conflict resolution." Ms Clare Ivens, College Psychologist, Genazzano FCJ College

"The knowledge and consistent use of the strategies in the school made the entire concept come alive across the year level." Felicity Colan, Speech Therapist, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

The Friendship Saver Program is a 12 week program designed to improve peer relations, build friendships skills and empower children to manage conflict situations with independent problem solving and resilience. The program is consistent with The National Safe Schools framework and can be incorporated into a health and well-being curriculum. This program can be imbedded in a school alongside a restorative justice framework.

The 12 week program can be delivered in class by the class teacher, can be delivered by a school counsellor with small withdrawal groups or can be run as an incursion in your school. The program has been written for middle to upper primary school students, and is always particularly relevant and engaging to year 7, 8 and 9 students.

PD Days

A 2015 PD day will be offered to Psychologists and Counsellors, Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists in Melbourne in early 2015.

Details will be released soon. 

Train the 

Trainer Incursions

Train the Trainer Incursions are an engaging way to imbed The Friendship Saver Program themes and shared language across a year level or whole school.

Ongoing Support

To ensure successful implementation of the program within schools, on-going support and consultation is provided to all facilitators that deliver The Friendship Saver Program.

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